Demo 2017

by Ridgewood

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The last Ridgewood songs. 2013 - 2017


released June 3, 2017

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Aric Ficek
Artwork by Greg Rudolph



all rights reserved


Ridgewood Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Track Name: Transparent
It was never hard to tell
The content of your character
I knew you all too well
But still caved in

I know you always said
You would find me here again
But I feel like I should
Know better

You're transparent
I see right through you
You're trasnparent
I don't like the view

Just like before, you need a should
And no one is there
No one will listen
So you set your traps
And I'll step straight in them
You set your traps
And I'll step straight in them

Why do I always end up back here?

I should look elsewhere

Stop holding onto this
Track Name: Paper Houses
In my perfect home, I am blessed
No one loves me like you love me
We spend days tangled in our bed
It’s so honest, it’s so harmless

Blame me for everything

In my paper house I am fucked
No one hates me like I hate me
I try hard but it’s not enough
Give me something
Kill me faster

Nothing good is nothing new
It’s what I’m used to
Maybe we could sit and wait
Maybe nothing else will change

We could burn down both those homes
Let the memories go
Or inhale the smoke
And fall asleep
In our burning bed
Are you dreaming yet?
Is it quiet enough
to fall asleep and
forget what I said?

When you moved away
you took everything

Blame me for everything
Track Name: Sleep In The Sun
Sleep in the sun, lay in the grass
Kissing the pavement crying and laughing
Just glad to be here, just glad to be here
Try to be kind, comes back in spades
Sure could use help with digging my grave so I’ll be kind now
And someday I, I won’t bother anyone

Have I been good?
What did I miss?
When did I stop feeling like I did?
Where can I go, if I can’t go home?

Am I stuck, in this place?
Can I move on or should I just lay here and wait

Sleep in the sun, lay on the grass, am I alone here?
Am I alone here?
Am I alone here?