Ridgewood EP

by Ridgewood

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Our first EP. Not a reflection of our band today, we haven't played any of these songs in awhile.


released February 8, 2014

Written by Ridgewood
Recorded, Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by Gavin Linnihan
Album Art by Allison Metzger



all rights reserved


Ridgewood Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Track Name: Leave
I saw the way you looked at me when you said goodbye
The tears rolled down your cheek and fell to my thighs
I thought I could escape by moving away and getting high
I told myself things would get better but only with time
My clock is ticking and I'm losing my mind
I gave up everything for your peace of mind
I'm shutting this down, rebuilding my walls
Cause there is no one
I tired giving up, I tried moving on but I need someone
I live in a constant state of mental decay
These feelings won't go away
I won't be good enough for you or anyone
No one to keep me sane
It's hard to live this way
I tried giving up
I tried moving
I'm tied to the feelings of being someone
I need someone
I am no one
Track Name: Grow Up
I feel like the past few years I've lost control
I'm not growing up, I'm just getting old
Like the innocence in a child's eyes
Not doing what I'm told
I miss when my heart was warm
But now it's dead and cold
I wish that I had somewhere safe to run to
A place to ease my mind
And there's nowhere left to hide
The summer's winding down, it's getting colder in this town
Like the leaves falling off the trees I'm headed towards the ground
I'm nowhere to be found
Track Name: Have The Guts
I'm face down on the dirt with gravel against my cheeks
In all honesty did you ever think of me
Getting up is the hardest thing
But it's never enough to stand on my two feet
Don't you say I'll get better you know I'm the latter
Have the guts and be honest, I'm not what you wanted
The ground unfolds under beds that kept you cold
I'll let you go color my greys to your golds
After this year will you realize
I'm not the one to take for granted after all your lies
Track Name: 11:10
I use to take a pill everyday, to help my deal with life
But something about that didn't seem right
It's always worse at night
I'll get better but on my own time
I can't hold on cause of my shaking hands
I won't let you win or let you in again
I'm nothing in your eyes at all
Let me go before I fall
Glad to see I missed your call
I'm on the ground while you're standing tall
It's always worse at night
I know before that I've things slide
You've come too far when you've cross the line
It's always worse at night
Track Name: Stay
It's been about a month, but it feels like forever
My feelings are changing along with the weather
Everyday we yell and fight
Somehow it still feels right
I can't let you go
The feelings I get make me sick to my stomach
And everyday I struggle to move on
I can't and I wont, I need you by my side
Someday this will all be worth it,
Know all you have to do is try
Everyday we yell and fight
Somehow it still feels right
I can't let you go
The feelings I get make me sick to my stomach
And everyday I struggle to move on